Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Important interview questions

1. how many types of inheritance is there in php? name there?
2. array_merge() and array_combine()
3. what is mvc?
4. what is the uses of mvc with example?
5. what is magic constants? and give some examples?
6. what is magic methods? and give some examples?
7. how many function available to upload a file using php?
8. difference between copy() and move() function in php?
9. what is constructor and how many ways to create a constructor in php?
10. what is magic quotes? and its use?
11. what is register globals? and its use?
12. strstr() and stristr()?
13. What is the uses of header() function in php?
14. what is the uses of preg_replace() and give the syntax with example?
15. difference between session and cookie?
16. where the session is stored ? and where the cookie is stored?
17. what is the syntax of cookie creating function in php? with example?
18. whether session and cookie can be stored in server or not?
19. how can we see the cookie file in a client system?
20. which location the session is store in the server?
21. how to change the session storing path?
22. how to store a session in database?
23. what is serialise and unserialise() in php?
24. what is htaccess?
25. how to avoid folder listing using htaccess?
26. what is mod_rewrite ?
27. how to rewrite a url using htaccess?
28. how to list a folders and files inside a folder using php?
29. how to write a data into a file? with example?
30. difference between a and a+ in file mode? also what is binary mode?
31. difference between implode and explode with example?
32. how to change the default execution time of a file?
33. how to setting expiry date to a file? before execute a file?
34. syntax of uploading a file using php?
35. what is abstract class and its uses?
36. what is interface and its uses?
37. what is the difference between abstract class and interface?
38. what is design pattern?
39. how to identify whether a file available or not using php?
40. what are the types of data the preg_replace() function can use?

1. how many types of storage engines in mysql
2. how to change the storage engine using mysql?
3. what is the purpose of Indexes?
4. how to change an Autoincrement value?
5. difference between truncate and drop in mysql?
6. how to get the list of NULL values from table?
7. how to create an index to a file in a table?

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